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The Perfect VW Transporter Heater Kit

When you buy a VW Transporter heater the last thing you need is to find you don’t have all you need to complete the installation.

You have ordered a diesel heater kit and arranged a time and place for installation. You wait and when your kit arrives you find more parts are needed to complete the job. Your installation is delayed whilst you wait for the extra parts. Now suddenly that adventure you were looking forward to is another weekend away. You may have experienced this frustration. Nobody appreciates wasted time and the inconvenience of rearranging a busy schedules.

Getting it right the first time

When it comes to vehicle and marine heating Butler Technik work extremely hard to ensure you get all you need to install and be running without delay and frustration.

TIP! When looking for the right heater kit, always consider where you plan to mount the unit and where are you getting fuel from.

Our pre-packaged vehicle specific heater kits are configured based on our decades of knowledge and customer interaction to give you the best experience during install and operation. We include all mounting brackets and fuel pick-up kits. Our customised heating kits are built around information supplied directly to us by individual customers and specific to their needs.

Manufacturer pre-packaged VW Transporter heater kit

Along with our own pre-packaged and bespoke heating kits we also supply manufacturer pre-packaged kits built specific to purpose.

When you want a reliable diesel heating system for your VW T5 or T6 the Eberspacher S2 D2L dedicated VW T5 and T6 heater kit should be one of your top choices for the inclusiveness of accessories and advanced heater functionality.

Prepared for your convenience

VW Transporter Heater Kit

The Eberspacher VW T5/T6 pre-packaged diesel heating kit comes with all the components needed to install and keep you warm in your VW T5 or T6. With an external under chassis mounting, dedicated fuel pickup kit and the included EasyStart Pro 7-day timer your heater will be up and running without delay or fuss.

Packed with advantages and features

You are not just buying a heater here. You are investing in reliability and adaptability that will see you warm in your VW Transporter for years to come, wherever the road takes you.

No more adding an Altitude Kit – includes HAK High Altitude Kit

The Eberspacher Airtronic S2 D2L diesel heater has an internal altitude sensor that adjusts the operation of the heater automatically up to three thousand metres (9800 feet) above sea level. No added high-altitude kit needed.

On-board Diagnostics with the EasyStart Pro Controller

Most heater faults are fixed easily and without frustration when you know what the error codes mean. If there is a problem with the Eberspacher Airtronic S2 diesel heater the on-board diagnostics, combined the EasyStart Pro workshop menu give simple explanations of what the fault is and how it can be resolved.

Quieter VW Transporter Heating

The automatically modulated Stepless heating function has decreased the noise from the heater. This along with the Eberspacher digital fuel pump (no more clicking) ensures you enjoy quieter warmth. This means a better sleep for those who overnight in their VW vans.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The Airtronic S2 has a service life of up to five thousand hours, dependent upon installation and usage. An annual service will keep your heater in top working order, extend its life and lower future costs of replacement.

Multiple Controller Options

easystart controller with airtronic s3 heater

The CAN, LIN, and S+ connection options that are native to the Airtronic S2 D2L give you options to connect a wide range of the Eberspacher controllers.

CAN bus technology allows the use of EasyStart Pro and EasyStart Web controllers. The LIN connection allows backward compatibility with older EasyStart controllers such as the EasyStart Remote+ and EasyStart Select. The S+ interface allows the connection of a mini-controller or other Eberspacher Analog switches.

Best Manufacturer pre-packaged VW Transporter heater kit

This genuine Eberspacher Airtronic S2 D2L VW T5/T6 Transporter heater kit is the latest in vehicle heating technology and includes the EasyStart Pro controller. You are protected by an Eberspacher 2-year warranty. This is one of the most popular manufacturer pre-packed VW Transporter heater kits available at the time of writing. You can purchase yours online of call +44 (0)1522 243310 during UK business hours to order by telephone.

Need more options or have a different vehicle?

You may need extra features for your VW Transporter, or you may have a different vehicle. If this kit isn’t right for your vehicle Butler Technik stock a wide range of vehicle heater kits suitable for all types of campers, vans, motorhomes, boats, and welfare units. We can also quote you, no obligation, on a custom-built heating kit to suit your own needs. Just contact us online of give us a call on +44 (0)1522 243310 during UK business hours. We are always happy to help.

You can see and purchase Webasto and Eberspacher VW campervan heater kits on our website. We ship worldwide every working day.

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