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Victron Energy 20w Solar Panels

Victron Energy 20 Watt solar panels are useful for various applications, especially those that require low power consumption. You can use the 20w solar panel to charge smartphones, tablets, portable speakers, power banks, and other small electronic devices. Combined with the Victron BlueSolar PWM solar controller or other MPPT solar controller, you have an inexpensive solar kit to trickle charge your vehicle or boat battery.

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Six examples of common uses of 20 watt solar panels

  1. You can use the solar panel to charge smartphones, tablets, portable speakers, and other low power consuming electronic devices. Keep in mind that the charging time will usually be longer compared to larger solar panels.
  2. A 20 watt solar panel combined with a solar charge controller makes an ideal trickle charger for vehicle or marine batteries. This is particularly useful when vehicles or boats are left unused for extended periods. This prolongs the life of the battery and ensures the vehicle or boat is ready to use when needed.
  3. You can power small LED lights or light bulbs with a 20 watt solar panel. This is useful for outdoor lighting, garden lights, or even emergency lighting during power outages.
  4. When you are out in your campervan or boat a 20 watt solar panel is useful to charge portable power banks or batteries. This will allow you to keep your essential devices charged, such as flashlights, navigational devices, and radios.
  5. A 20 watt solar panel will power small water pumps, which can be handy for fountains, bird baths, or irrigation systems in small gardens.
  6. Solar panels are great tools for learning about renewable energy and a 20 watt solar panel is ideal for experiments, or as a part of a solar powered science project.

These are just a few examples of what you can do with a 20 watt solar panel. Effectiveness and efficiency will vary depending on factors such as weather conditions and the specific devices or equipment you want to power.

If you require assistance with choosing a solar panel or solar power kit please contact our experienced support team for advice.