New Victron Ekrano GX Released - Pre-Order Today

Victron Energy, a leading and innovative manufacturer of Solar & Power Management systems and components have released their latest product, the Victron Ekrano GX! And Butler Technik are taking pre-orders from today!

Introducing the Ekrano GX: The Future is Here!

Butler Technik are excited to announce the addition of the latest Victron Energy GX product - the Victron Ekrano GX Communication Centre. Prepare yourself for a step up in power and performance monitoring and management. This cutting-edge device is equipped with a wide range of connections and interfaces, taking the GX experience to new levels.

What is the Victron Ekrano GX?

The Ekrano GX is the Latest generation control and communication centre from Victron Energy. It is fully loaded with all the best features of a Victron GX device but with a Built-in 7” touch screen Display

What sets the Victron Ekrano GX above and apart?

With a remarkable built-in 7-inch touchscreen display you have complete control over your system, right at your fingertips! No matter where you are, this magnificent device ensures flawless management and enables you to unleash the full potential of your solar and battery power systems.

Victron Energy Ekrano GX

The Ekrano GX Allows Remote Management & Configuration

Thanks to the state-of-the-art Victron Remote Management (VRM) portal, you can effortlessly access your system from anywhere, just like you were standing in front of the screen. But that's not all. The Ekrano GX takes convenience to the next level. Smoothly tap into your system using the built-in touchscreen, a Multi-Functional Display (MFD), or the user-friendly VictronConnect app with its Bluetooth capability. The future of power management has never been so easily accessible. The power is in your hands.

Say Goodbye to the Color Control GX. Say Hello to Victron Ekrano GX

It is farewell to the Color Control GX, the Victron Ekrano GX has taken its place as the worthy successor. It's time to embrace the next generation of GX technology and embark on a journey of unmatched control and performance.

Get ready to experience a world of possibilities with the Ekrano GX. Your power, your control!

Easy Mounting & Setup

Furthermore, the Ekrano GX offers hassle-free installation. You'll be pleased to know that it can be easily installed via a cut-out for flush panel mounting. Additionally, it comes with a steel bracket and springs for blind hole mounting, providing you with flexible mounting options. Did we mention that it is compact?

Victron Energy Ekrano GX Rear View

When it comes to accessibility, the Ekrano GX doesn't disappoint. All the ports are conveniently located at the back, making it easy for you to connect and manage your devices. The power and relay terminal blocks can be securely screwed in place, ensuring a reliable and stable connection. Furthermore, the IO terminal block features a quick release clamp, allowing for effortless access whenever you need it.

With the Ekrano GX, you can enjoy a straightforward installation process, accessible ports, and the added convenience of Bluetooth connectivity. It's a reliable and user-friendly device that will surely make monitoring, configuring and managing your vehicle, marine or off-grid power system more efficient, easier and faster.

Victron Energy Ekrano GX Wiring Diagram Simplified

Is the Ekrano Easy to Connect?

The Victron Ekrano GX is very easy to connect, all it requires is a power connection and then simply run the appropriate cables between the Ekrano and your devices.

Download the Victron Ekrano information brochure from Butler Technik

Butler Technik are accepting pre-orders for the Ekrano GX and The Ekrano GX Anywhere Anytime Kit now. Avoid long delays and disappointment. Order today!

Orders will be delivered with 7 to 10 days!