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Butler Technik Affiliate Partner Program

Welcome to the Butler Technik affiliate partner program. Established in 1998 Butler Technik has become a trusted and leading global supplier of Espar (Eberspacher) and Webasto vehicle and marine heating systems and replacement parts.

This is a huge advantage for our affiliate partners!

Customers will purchase when they know they are dealing with an experienced and established supplier who offers the highest quality products and award winning after sales support. We welcome affiliate partners from all countries!

The Eberspacher and Webasto Products

Eberspacher (also known as Espar) and Webasto are the leading global brands of vehicle and marine heating solutions. Combined these two companies possess more than 200 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying products that are known throughout the world as high quality German engineered heating solutions.

These heater systems are suitable for:

  • Campervans, motorhomes & RVs
  • Commercial vans, buses, trucks and cranes
  • Caravans & Camper Trailers
  • 4WD Vehicles
  • All types of leisure and commercial marine vessels
  • Welfare units, portable buildings and mobile workshops

Silwy Magnetic Systems

We also stock a range of German designed and manufactured Silwy Magnetic Systems drinkware and storage solutions. These luxury magnetic products are attractive to people who own boats, campervans, motorhomes, or are those just looking for innovative storage products.

Victron Energy

Victron Energy are a leading and trusted manufacturer of solar and battery power management systems. These power systems are used in campervans, boats, RVs and in off-grid applications. They are very popular in the leisure market and have now been adopted for providing power to workshops, sheds and welfare units.

If you have an online audience that has an interest in any of the products above the Butler Technik affiliate partnership is for you.

How does the partnership work?

Partners send customers

We do all the heavy lifting and customer support. You don't need any physical stock or to invest any funds with us. All you need to do is:

  • Join our affiliate program at Visualsoft Affiliate Network (Partnerize)
  • Send the customer to Butler Technik using your unique trackable link
  • Product feeds are available to populate comparison and Google shopping campaigns
  • The customer makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking through your unique link
  • You earn a 2% commission and get paid within 45 days
  • Higher commissions are available for high performing partners
  • Repeat and earn more income from successful sales

There is nothing hidden and you will be able to track statistics such as clicks, commissions earned and campaign performance.

We pay a standard 2% (two percent) commission on all partner referred sales. We will also offer discount coupons and/or increased commissions to premium partners. Let us know why you think your are a premium partner (Email

Butler Technik process and support sales

Butler Technik will do the rest:

  • We accept the customer's order and payment
  • We pick and pack the order in our well stocked distribution centre
  • We deliver to the customer no matter where they are in the world
  • We cover all after sales and technical support
  • We approve your commissions for successful sales within 45 days*

* Butler Technik provide a 30 day return policy on all sales as required by law. This is why we allow a 45 day period before approving commissions. We have a very low return rate.

How to promote your affiliate link

If you have a following on your website, blog, social media or YouTube that is related to campervans, RVs, automotive or leisure you are in the right place to be earning commissions.

We see the most successful affiliates creating informative articles and publishing videos. They just add their unique affiliate link to send customers to us in return for earning commissions. There is nothing complicated.

Are you a little more advanced with your affiliate marketing techniques? We also provide live product feeds with traceable affiliate links to populate ecommerce sites, Google shopping campaigns and comparison shopping.

What don't want our affiliate partners to do?

We have a few restrictions on how our partners can promote us.

  • NO SPAM! We definitely do not want to see our partners sending spam emails. If you have an email list where subscribers have opted in to receive information that's OK. Any partners who send unsolicited emails promoting us will be removed from the partnership
  • We already invest heavily in Google Ads so it won't be profitable for our partners to do the same. If you do decide to create Google Ads you will need to ask permission and provide us with the keywords you will be promoting.

Our full terms and conditions are viewable in our Affiliate partnership program.

Partner Support

The success of our affiliate partnership program depends on your success, so we will provide you with links and advertising banners. If you need something special from us we are happy to help you.

If you need support, have questions or have special request please contact Michael by email ( He is here to provide program advice and help with any special requests from partners.

We welcome partners from all countries so don't worry if you are not from the UK or the USA. We will consider all applications to partner with Butler Technik.

To become a Butler Technik affiliate partner click the appropriate button below and login to or create your Partnerize account.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your successful partnership with the Butler Technik affiliate program.