Fuel dosing Pump Operation Noise Reduction

SERVICE INFORMATION: Heater Fuel Pump Noise Reduction Suppression


Research recently undertaken by the technical wizards at Webasto, Germany has at last helped resolve a long-standing annoyance….  Fuel dosing pump ‘ticking’ noises while we’re all trying to get some sleep at night.

This ticking is a structure-born noise which is partly transferred via the plastic fuel line into the boat hull or vehicle chassis.


We thought it well worth passing on this information. There are two very quick and low cost recommendations to note from this research as below

  1. Installation of 2 x 90° elbows at both sides of the fuel pump result in a noise reduction of up to 10 dB.
  2. Avoidance where safely possible of the fuel pipeline coming into contact with the vehicle metalwork structure

The resulting noise reduction is very noticeable inside the vehicle or boat.

Please ensure to order your 2 x 90° elbows from ButlerTechnik prior to your next night's heating!

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