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Easily install your heater using the Butler Technik Mount PRO

The Butler Technik range of Mount PRO mounting brackets for auxiliary vehicle heaters has been released. Designed to make installation of Webasto, Eberspacher and most Chinese brand heaters easier and safer.
We’ve recognised that installers find it difficult to secure the clamps on the exhaust, fuel line and combustion air pipe when using the traditional floor mount plate. This is due to the difficulty in positioning and reaching the clamps without using specialist tools. With this in mind we have redeveloped the floor turret mount plate to allow safe and secure fixing of exhaust, fuel and combustion air pipe before mounting the heater to the plate.

auxiliary heater mount bracket

7 good reason to install using the Mount Pro diesel and petrol heater turret mount plate 

  1. The Mount PRO base pattern allows safe, secure and easy fixing of heater exhaust, combustion and fuel pipework to heater unit before fixing heater unit to the turret plate.
  2. Ideal for Campervan, Motorhome and Commercial vehicle heater installation through wooden lining, insulation and corrugated floors
  3. Stainless steel turret to ensure long life and strength. Many cheaper versions are painted steel that corrodes quickly due to external elements
  4. Easily install heater unit to turret plate without needing to be underneath your vehicle.
  5. The plate dimension is perfect for most vehicle installations (185mm x 165mm (7.25″ x 6.5″))
  6. Circular flange on lower side are available in 30mm (1.2″), 60mm (2.4″), 75mm (2.95″) and 100mm (3.93″) with a diameter of 127mm (5″)
  7. The Mount Pro plates are pre-drilled for ease of mounting of diesel and petrol heaters into vehicles

Unique cut out allows easy access

mount pro auxiliary heater mount bracket

The Butler Technik Mount PRO Turret plates incorporate a uniquely designed mounting cut out that allows the passthrough of exhaust, fuel line and combustion air intake connections, ensuring that these connections can be secured safely. This ensures there are no exhaust, fuel, or combustion air leaks.
We’ve expanded the range to include additional turret depths. Three sizes are now available to suit varying depths of floor thickness and insulation: 30mm, 60mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Heater floor mount plates are for vehicles

pro mount bracket for vehicle air heaters

Suitable for many heaters including

  • Eberspacher Airtronic D2
  • Eberspacher Airtronic S2 D2L
  • Eberspacher Airtronic D4 B4
  • Eberspacher Airtronic M2 D4L D4R B4L
  • Webasto Air Top 2000 STC
  • Webasto Air Top EVO 3900
  • Webasto Air Top EVO 40
  • Webasto Air Top EVO 5500
  • Webasto Air Top EVO 55

A suitable upgrade for Chinese heaters

Mount PRO available now for fast worldwide delivery

You can purchase the Butler Technik Mount PRO plates online now. We ship worldwide by fast courier.

These floor mount plates are designed for installation of diesel and petrol (gasoline) heaters into vehicles. If you are installing a heater into a marine application, we recommend the Butler Technik Marine Mount Bracket.

If you require any assistance with choosing the correct size Mount PRO turret bracket please contact our support team.

Easily install your heater using the Butler Technik Mount Pro
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Easily install your heater using the Butler Technik Mount Pro
The Butler Technik Mount Pro turret heater mount bracket is designed to allow easy access to the exhaust, fuel line and combustion air intake clamps on diesel and petrol heaters.
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Butler Technik
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