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Adjusting for Altitude on Chinese Heaters

Technical Information

SUBJECT:  High Altitude – Chinese Vehicle Heaters (PDF download)

Several online sources recommend manual adjustment of the fuel to air ratio on Chinese manufactured vehicle air heaters to allow them to perform at high altitudes.

mercedes sprinter high altitude

Due to operator and equipment safety, workarounds of this type are not recommended by Butler Technik. See previous Service Information release 21mb1116 – Webasto AT 2000 ST and STC – Adjustment for Higher Altitude operation

High Altitude RV Heater Recommendations

Where air heating at high altitude is required in smaller RVs, Butler Technik will recommend the following 2kW vehicle air heater kits.

Webasto Air Top 2000 STC (RV Version) with Multi Controller
(Part No. 4114762RV)
High Altitude operation up to 2200m (7220ft)
Note: This is not a standard Air Top 2000 STC

Eberspacher Airtronic S2 D2 12v Heater Kit with EasyStart Pro
(Part Number: 25.2721.05.0007)
High Altitude operation up to 3000m (9800ft)

 See attached for manufacturers heater operational altitudes.

Operation of vehicle air heaters ill equipped for higher altitudes will result in failure and potential damage to heating equipment. Manual workarounds are not the solution and may cause physical harm to both operator and equipment. Equipment designed for purpose should always be recommended.

Sources:Eberspacher UK
Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE – Operational Altitudes AM&SOE

Note: Butler Technik does not provide technical support for Chinese manufactured vehicle or marine heaters.

Adjusting for Altitude on Chinese Heaters
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Adjusting for Altitude on Chinese Heaters
Adjusting for altitude on Chinese heaters by changing air fuel ratios not recommended. Can cause equipment damage or harm to operators. Recommended alternatives
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