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Strong magnetic glasses for boats, motorhomes and campervans

What about magnetic glasses for boats? Secure storage for glassware and fragile items in campervans and motorhomes? Are magnets the answer?

Rattle and smash are two sounds that you don’t want to hear when enjoying time on your boat or travelling in your RV. They usually mean there’s a problem with storage of glassware or other fragile items.

Think of these scenarios

broken wine glass

Enjoying time on the water

You are on deck on a sunny afternoon enjoying a glass with friends. Suddenly the wake of another vessel hits your boat. There’s a mad scramble to grab drinks that have been put down before they spill, and possibly smash to the deck. Oops, too late. One hits and the deck and shatters. That’s the end of the enjoyable afternoon as the cleaning up begins.

This could have been avoided if you were using magnetic glasses and nano-metal gel coasters. The wake would have passed by, and your afternoon would have continued without the drama of broken glass and spilled drinks.

Travelling over land

You are travelling through the countryside in your motorhome, and you hit bad road surface. In the back you can hear your precious glassware rattling and crashing about. You cringe with the thought of the damage that could be happening and hope with fingers crossed that you get back to smooth road soon.

Storage while moving problem solved with magnetic glasses and storage!

With a simple magnetic strip or placemat attached to the inside of your cupboard and glasses with embedded magnets in their base you wouldn’t be hearing this din. You wouldn’t be cringing or concerned about breakages because you know your glassware is safe and secure.

Why is magnetic storage the solution?

Magnets have many uses in both industry and in the home. They are a great way to secure many items that we use daily and can make convenient magnetic storage solutions.

Why are they so good?

  • They don’t leave any sticky residue
  • No permanent marks
  • Attractively presented
  • You can move them and reuse them
  • They can be stored out of site when not in use

Magnets are also a great way to secure glassware to surfaces so they don’t fall, spill or rattle. To secure them and free up space in boats, RVs and campervans.

Magnetic glasses and storage products from Silwy

The Silwy magnetic products range includes glasses for boats, motorhomes and campervans. You can even use them in your garden or while you are camping.

Along with the high quality Bavarian crystal and shatterproof plastic drinkware, the Silwy Magnetic System also includes magnetic strips, tablemats, spice jars and magnetic storage hooks. All with super strong magnets to ensure a firm slip free connection. Just the items to store your fragile items and increase the safety of your boat or RV. They are also an excellent way to extend your storage options and free up space.

Butler Technik are official suppliers of the Silwy magnetic product range in the UK and we ship these high quality and scientifically designed products internationally every week. Take a little time to browse the full range of Silwy products.

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