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The Reliable Hydronic D5WSC is Retiring

Eberspacher hydronic d5wsc

The popular and dependable Eberspacher Hydronic D5WSC diesel water heater has been unofficially retired and parts are becoming difficult to source. The D5WSC model is popular for installation in Welfare Units, Narrowboats, Campervans and other land and water vehicles. Although most replacement parts are still available Butler Technik have a solution if you can’t find parts.

Eberspacher Hydronic D5WSC Repair Parts

At the time of writing this most Eberspacher D5WSC repair parts are in stock and can be ordered online from Butler Technik. We will be keeping these parts available for as long as they are being manufactured. Unfortunately, we cannot get an answer from Eberspacher on plans to continue production of parts for the D5WSC.

Butler Technik has the answer when an upgrade is needed

Replacing the Eberspacher Hydronic D5WSC is possible with the Butler Technik Hydronic S3 D5E replacement kit. This will allow owners of the 12volt Hydronic D5WSC to easily upgrade to the 12v Hydronic S3 D5E.

This upgrade brings the benefits of the Hydronic S3 to owners of the older D5WSC model. These include,

  • Better fuel consumption. Stepless power output, which modulates from 1.3kW up to 5kW depending on requirement. This makes the HS3 better on fuel than earlier Hydronic models limited to ‘power stages’.
  • Smaller but just as powerful. Retaining the usual Hydronic 5 power output the Hydronic S3 still has 5kW of heating to hand although its dimensions are smaller at 215 x 91 x 144 mm.
  • Much quieter. The new HS3 Vehicle Kit also includes the new, almost silent Eberspacher digital fuel dosing pump. No more “ticking” sounds. The Hydronic S3 also includes a newly developed vehicle exhaust and combustion air silencer to quieten the exhaust and combustion air noise.
  • Minimal maintenance. The Hydronic S3 Economy has a service life of three thousand hours. That is just over 8 hours a day for 365 days of the year!
  • OBD (On-board diagnostics). Fault display via the Easy Start PRO. The Hydronic S3 coupled with an Easy Start PRO will give a text-based fault description, reducing confusion and saving time diagnosing the issue.
  • Automatic Altitude Adjustment. Altitude adjustment is managed automatically by the HS3 at altitudes up to 1500m above sea level. Above 1500 metres altitude adjustment is activated manually above 1500m with the Easystart PRO controller.

Longer life and lower maintenance

The added benefits of the Hydronic S3 minimise detrimental heater downtime on Welfare and Liveaboard applications. Paired with the Easy Start PRO’s diagnostic functionality and low maintenance heater components, a fault can be easily identified and fixed without frustration.

Installation of the Eberspacher D5WSC upgrade kit is the simplest way to get the latest water heater benefits. Butler Technik will continue to stock the D5WSC replacement parts for existing D5WSC water heaters for as long as they are available.

If you have a specific vehicle or marine heating need, please be sure to contact our sales and support team on +44 (0)1522 243310 or email us here.