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Are You Ready To Connect Heater To Fuel?

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So it’s time to connect heater to fuel and you may feel a little unsure. Questions often asked by those wishing to install a vehicle or boat heater are;

“Can I connect my heater to the fuel in my vehicle or boat?”
“Do I need an experienced engineer to connect the fuel?”

Good questions, and our first response is “If you are not confident consult an experienced auto or marine engineer”.

Having said that, it is possible to install your own heater. Closely follow the instructions that are included with each heater kit or fuel line kit.

How to connect heater to fuel.

Webasto Example Installation

On most modern vehicles diesel fuel is obtained straight from the vehicle fuel tank via an adapter. This adapter fits into the fuel gauge sender unit. As you would expect these adapter kits differ depending on the heater brand. Butler Technik have a full range of fuel sender unit pick up adaptors for your to choose from.

In Tank or T Piece Fuel Connection?

connect heater to fuel

Fuel line connector kits vary from ‘in tank’ solutions to ‘T’ pieces’ in the fuel return lines. It is essential that you understand your vehicle’s fuel system, and are competent of working with fuel lines. If you are at all unsure CONSULT A QUALIFIED VEHICLE OR MARINE FITTER.

If your vehicle is clearly listed in our fuel line connector kits, and you feel confident to proceed, instruction leaflets provided with the kits.

Some vehicles may require the fuel tank draining and dropping off it’s mountings to gain access to the ‘tank sender unit’. Instructions on where to drill and what size holes to drill are in the leaflet. Carefully follow the instructions and be sure to route the heater fuel pipe to ensure that it does not chafe or rub against any hot or moving parts when you refit the tank.

Connect Heater to Fuel in Older Vehicles and Some Marine Applications

Earlier vehicles and some marine applications (those without pressurized fuel systems) can be connected using banjo joins at the fuel filter, or ‘T’ piece connectors in the supply line.
Always remember that vessels that need to conform to Inland Waterways Standards must be done using copper or marine grade fuel line. Consult with your local boat inspector for the latest regulations.

Fuel Connection Technical Information

You will also find a wide range of Eberspacher & Webasto technical information in the Butler Technik technical library and downloads.

Confidence and capability play a major role.

Many vehicle and boat owners successfully connect their heater to fuel. Others who have not felt confident or able enough to work with fuel have opted to have this completed by a qualified professional. Working with flammable fuels can be dangerous so if you are in the latter group of heater owners contact an experienced auto or marine engineer.

You can find a wide range of fuel line accessories suitable for a wide range of vehicles and applications at Butler Technik.

At Butler Technik we pride ourselves on providing first class after sales service. If you need help or have any questions please contact us.

How To Connect Heater To Fuel
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How To Connect Heater To Fuel
It is possible to connect the fuel to your vehicle or boat heater yourself. You must be confident working with fuel and understand your fuel system. If you are not confident have a professional connect your heater to your fuel.
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