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Installing a Boat Heater

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Fitting a boat heater can turn into a nightmare if not done correctly, so first and foremost you need to decide what you want from your heating system.

Things to consider.

Do you just want blown hot air through out the boat just to lift the night-time temperature, all round warmth from a radiator system and a domestic hot water facility?

What! Too much to think about you say but believe me careful planning can save a lot of heartache later.

What do you need?

Dependent on the size and cabin layout of your boat routing and fitting blown air ducting is normally the easiest and simplest answer. The heater unit needs to be securely mounted on a bracket, either within the engine compartment or in a locker out of harms way. The exhaust pipe (which should be insulated because it gets extremely hot) is routed through a double skin hull fitting to a point as high above the waterline as possible for an inland waterways boat, or to the rear transom on a sailboat (because they tend to lean over going round corners). For smaller boats with only one cabin and a galley two or three air outlets should suffice, larger boats can have multiple outlets and vents.

Choosing the right size boat heater

You can use the charts below to help choose a marine heater that will suit your needs. Butler Technik also provide a boat heater product finder where you can input your requirements and find the right Webasto or Eberspacher heater fast. If you are still in any doubt as to which heater and components you need we recommend consulting with a marine engineer. Click the images below to enlarge.

Marine Heater Selection Chart
Marine Heater Selection using Vessel Length to Heat Output

Eberspacher Marine Heater Guide

Eberspacher Marine Heater Guide
Eberspacher Marine Heater Guide

Boat Heater Ducting

Depending on the size of your boat you may need additional air ducting to convey warmth to the areas that suit you best. This can be complicated at times and if you are in any doubt you should consult a marine engineer. The images below provide examples of heater ducting. Click the images to enlarge.

Air Top 2000 STC / Evo 40 / Evo 55 Installation Example
Air Top 2000 STC Evo 40 Evo 55 Ducting Installation
Air Top 2000 STC Evo 40 Evo 55 Ducting Installation Example
Heater Air Routing Examples
Water Heater Marine Installation
Air Heater Marine Installation

Boat heater servicing

Butler Technik also provide UK wide boat heater servicing with free courier collection. We’ll diagnose any problems and let you know if anything requires repair. We’ll then fix if necessary, clean and return your heater in optimal condition.

How Do You Find The Best Boat Heater?

Don’t forget! You can use our boat heater product finder to find the best heater for your needs.

Find the best boat heater

Need help with your boat heater selection?

If you need help selecting a boat heater contact Butler Technik for professional advice. If you require assistance with planning and installation we recommend consulting with a marine engineer.

Installing a Boat Heater
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Installing a Boat Heater
Installing a boat heater can be a nightmare without forward planning. There are a number of specifics you will need to consider when choosing your boat heater and you may require the services of a marine engineer if you are not confident enough to self install. Butler Technik will provide you with assistance to help you along the way.
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