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Welfare Unit Heating and Maintenance

Welfare units such as site offices and temporary buildings are no different to any other workplace, they all require heating in some form. The most common form of heating is provided through diesel or petrol (gasoline) fired heaters. The two most popular and reliable heaters are manufactured in Europe by Webasto and Eberspacher, reliable and well-known brands.

Heaters are installed in welfare units to provide dry heating for all rooms, and in some units, drying rooms. The heat is delivered to individual rooms through ducting, usually installed in the wall space so they are out of view. Most will have some form or thermostatic control.

Popular welfare unit heater models include:

⇒ Eberspacher Airtronic D2, D4 and D4S

⇒ Eberspacher Hydronic D5WSC

⇒ Webasto Air Top 2000 STC

⇒ Webasto Thermo Top C

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eberspacher and webasto welfare unit heater servicing
Eberspacher & Webasto Heater Servicing

Heating Maintenance Responsibility

No business can afford downtime due to un-endurable working conditions. This is very much so when welfare units are involved.

A cold welfare unit does not make for happy staff and could lead to employees refusing to work under those conditions. Health and Safety regulations require employers to provide a comfortable and safe environment for workers, and staff would be within their rights to refuse to work in cold conditions.

When welfare units are supplied on a rental basis the maintenance of the heating system will often be the responsibility of the hire company who supply the unit. Check your hire contract.

Welfare Unit Heating – Regular Servicing and Maintenance

The warmer months are the ideal time to have the heating systems within welfare units serviced and repaired in preparation for the colder months. This will avoid unnecessary work stoppages due to broken down heaters, and if you are the hiring company, overloading your welfare unit maintenance team when the cold weather arrives.

Who Do You Turn to For Heater Servicing & Repair?

Butler Technik are the leading independent supplier of Webasto and Eberspacher Welfare Unit Heaters. We also provide an easy 4 step solution to having your welfare unit heaters serviced, and where necessary, repaired.

Step 1 – Prepare your heater for collection (free). Ensure your heater is well packed to avoid any damage in transit.

Step 2Fill out the form on our heater servicing page and we will arrange for collection by courier.

Step 3 – When we have received your heater, we will contact you and carry out diagnosis. For any necessary repairs and/or parts replacement we will contact you with a quote to complete the work. If a repair is unviable, we will provide you with an alternative solution.

Step 4 – Once diagnostic and any required repairs have been completed, we will be in contact to collect payment and confirm the return address. Your heater will be back with you promptly.

Simple and sensible. Have your welfare unit heaters serviced before the cold weather rush. Complete the booking form or if you prefer to drop your heaters at our workshop, please contact us online or call us on 01427 787121.

Welfare Unit Heater Servicing
Welfare Unit Heater Servicing
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Butler Technik provide servicing and repairs to welfare unit heating systems. Free collection and return service available. Have your welfare unit heaters serviced and repaired during the warmer months.